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Gothic Bed Frame

No matter how luring the designs of modern furniture are, the classic old designs speak the word of elegance. Gothic furniture features an embellished look, the look that not only has a timeless appeal but also adds a touch of gracefulness to your room. The gothic furniture preserves the precision in design that is flawless and reflects astounding beauty. One such item that we will be featuring in this article is the Gothic Bed Frame.


A Gothic bedroom mirrors an ornamented look through the detailed and flawless curves and cuts on the furniture. This look adds to the rich taste as the style of Gothic architecture reveals its association with the church and medieval era. Later the concept of the architecture was added to furniture that delivered an extraordinary sense of beauty.

Gothic Style Platform Bed

gothic bed

Top-selling Gothic Platform Bed

  • Easy to assemble and no box spring required
  • Outer Dimensions-89 L x 69 W x 48 H inches
  • Black Silvery Linen

Gothic Tufted Bed

gothic bed frame

Top-selling Gothic Tufted Bed

  • Easy to assemble and no box spring required
  • 81"W x 85.25"D x 50.75"H
  • Button tufted headboard

Gothic Captains Bed

gothic furniture captains bed

Top-selling Gothic Captains Bed

  • Contains four built-in drawers
  • Includes metal side rails, center metal rail and additional metal legs for maximum stability
  • 86”L x 64.5”W x 38“H.
  • Button-tufted diamond detailing

Colors and shapes 

The traditional color of Gothic bed frame is black. But, again, contrasts enhance and emphasize the classy look. The most common color used in contrast is red, and other colors used as a contrast in Gothic bed frames also gives your room a dramatic look. Most of the Gothic bed frames take inspiration from Gothic folklore and incorporate designs which include mythical creatures and also gargoyles, different motifs along with pointed arches. The use of unusual shapes and themes makes the Gothic bed frames aesthetically appealing. The frame of the bed is an essential part of portraying the craftsmanship of the maker. This is one of the reasons that the gothic bed frames use more materials as compared to modern iron bed frames.

 The modern design language makes use of a lot of negative spaces. The negative spaces are in the form of empty spaces and the use of tubes rather than blocks or sheets of material. There are two reasons for using negative spaces. First of all, it is more appealing and dynamic, and second of all, less use of material means that the profit margin increases. In gothic design, the concept of negative spaces is absent. Therefore the gothic bed frames make the use of more material to show off the intricate designs of the craftsman. This makes the frame more heavy, thick, and prominent. To the people who want a gothic bed frame, this characteristic is more of a plus point rather than a negative factor.

Size and looks 

Most of the black Gothic bed frames consist of four posts, either short or long, on all the four sides of the frame. The gothic bed frames have a large and solid headboard and footboard; there is a reason to make it like that. The Gothic bed frames have elaborate carvings on the headboard and the footboard. The designs usually range from carvings to sculptures of creatures like bats and wolves, figures of mythical creatures, and sculptures of priests and nuns as well. These carvings both look good, and it was also speculated that they served a spiritual purpose as well.

The frames are available in every international mattress size from standard mini single sizes to king size, queen size, and grand king size. Within a gothic theme bedroom, the bed is the most extravagant piece of furniture, and it ought to be big, regardless of the number of the person using it or the age of the person using it. Therefore the sizes king and up are the most preferable for a Gothic style bed frame.

Materials used

The most popular and common material that is used to make a Gothic bed frame is wood. Pine, walnut, and oak are mostly used to make the Gothic bed frames. These woods are used because of their high rigidity and high strength index. People prefer a wooden Gothic bed frame because of durability as woods are more long-lasting in comparison to other materials. Woods can be curved into various designs, which is one of the main attractions of Gothic bed frames.

The other advantage of using wood to make the Gothic bed frame is that wood can be easily stained and can also be bleached, keeping the natural look intact. Wooden Gothic bed frames are easy to clean and are also rust-free. Apart from this, oak bends easily and hence make curving different shapes easier. The wood absorbs very less moisture.

As said earlier, that trendiness crept into Gothic styles and designs, and because of this, dark metals like wrought iron or cast iron is also used to make the Gothic bed frames. These frames are cheaper than wooden Gothic bed frames.

The article has pointed out every relevant fact there is in regards to Gothic bed frames. If these points are followed properly, then the bed frame will turn out to be an extraordinary addition to a Gothic style bedroom.