Gothic Bedroom Set [Reviews and Guide]

Gothic Bedroom Set

For all those who would prefer to add a dark-colored theme to their bedroom, selecting the Gothic Bedroom set would be a perfect decision for them! Gothic furniture depicts the excellence of art and architectural beauty. The detailed carving on each of the furniture in a Gothic bedroom set takes the look of the entire bedroom to a different level. Gothic art, derived from the sculpture of church and also the medieval era, gives a classic touch to the bedroom and redefines your taste. If the walls of your bedroom have a contrast color like gold or silver, then the addition of the Gothic bedroom set will make you feel that magic must have happened!

Gothic Style Platform Bed

gothic bed

Top-selling Gothic Platform Bed

  • Easy to assemble and no box spring required
  • Outer Dimensions-89 L x 69 W x 48 H inches
  • Black Silvery Linen

Gothic Tufted Bed

gothic bed frame

Top-selling Gothic Tufted Bed

  • Easy to assemble and no box spring required
  • 81"W x 85.25"D x 50.75"H
  • Button tufted headboard

Gothic Captains Bed

gothic furniture captains bed

Top-selling Gothic Captains Bed

  • Contains four built-in drawers
  • Includes metal side rails, center metal rail and additional metal legs for maximum stability
  • 86”L x 64.5”W x 38“H.
  • Button-tufted diamond detailing

Furniture typically included

A complete Gothic bedroom set consists of a gothic bed, a gothic dresser and sometimes a gothic nightstand.  Additional pieces such as gothic cabinets, upholstered gothic couches and chairs, and also other pieces of Gothic flair can be added to the beauty of the bedroom. The enticing craftsmanship of a gothic bedroom set makes each piece of furniture stand as a unique piece of art.

The small pieces of art for decoration are available in different shapes, which include geometric shapes and are pieces of art that intrigue. These pieces generally adorn the walls of the rooms and enhance the beauty of the place.

Gothic bed

A gothic bed frame is traditionally black. Contrast colors like red and other colors are also used with black to enhance the Gothic beauty. The curving on the Gothic beds is usually inspired by the Gothic folklore and mythical creatures, gargoyles, and various motifs. The curves also tend to have pointed arches. The Gothic bed frames have four posts on the four corners to hang nets or other decors.

Gothic dresser

A gothic dresser consists of a single piece or multiple pieces of mirrors according to the design, drawers, and knobs and is an outstanding form of art. The body of the dresser is again full of excellent sculpture, which reveals the extraordinary beauty of art and craftsmanship. Some of the Gothic dressers set are available with the attached stool. The knobs are given shapes of animals like mermaid, bat, skulls, wolves, and other different shapes. The furniture is engraved with different shapes of animals and creatures. Apart from these, designs are also adopted from that of the churches.

Gothic Nightstand

Nightstands, popularly known as bedside tables, are the other necessary part of the Gothic bedroom set. The Gothic nightstands are generally black and are available with or without drawers and cabinets. They are also available in contrast colors that will match the black color of the bed. These Gothic nightstands are also sculptured incredibly and are also available in the shape of small tables.

Gothic Cabinets

Gothic cabinets are generally made of wood like all other Gothic furniture and are mostly used to store things or used as bookshelves. These are also available in many attractive contrast colors apart from black and are engraved beautifully. These cabinets are also available with doors, and in some designs, the doors have colored cut glass attached, which adds to the unique look and makes the entire furniture an antique collective piece of art.

Gothic storage

Gothic storage can be of different types. Gothic storage beds have a box attached below the bed frame providing a huge space to store beddings or other things. There are doors with handles at the sides of the boxes. The Gothic storage bed also is not only a unique piece of art but also is space-saving. There are other different types of storage cabinet available like Gothic free standing cabinet made of oak wood, Gothic style chest to store blanket or other things, and these chests are shaped in such a unique way that they can also be used as benches to sit. These types of Gothic storage cabinets serve two in one purpose and stands as a unique piece of art. These are generally inspired by medieval art.

Upholstered gothic couches and chairs

There are several types of Gothic couches and chairs available in unique designs like a Gothic chaise lounge, Gothic couch sofa set. Gothic chairs of different styles and designs are also available. Upholstered couches, sofa sets, and chairs are also available with the unique combination of black and other colors of the fabric like red, yellow, purple, and other vibrant shades that will pair with the black colored wood. The unique carvings again make each of these a unique piece of art, which not only adds comfort but also adds to the beauty of your bedroom and drawing or living rooms too.

So if anyone is thinking of renovation of your bedroom, then make sure to add some furniture from the Gothic bedroom sets, which will adorn your room like a piece of ornament that adorns you!

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