Gothic nightstand [Top Product Recommendations]

Gothic Nightstand

Gothic art depicts the architecture of the medieval period. The Gothic period lasted for four centuries i.e., from 12th to the 15th century. It is said that France is where gothic art emerged. Initially, the furniture looked very simple. But with the introduction of Gothic art, the looks and designs of the furniture got a new meaning. Gothic furniture has its own characteristics. They are simple but gorgeous. Even a small piece of Gothic nightstand can adorn a room like a piece of ornament. 

Black gothic nightstand

gothic nightstand

Top-selling black nightstand

  • Made of premium P2 MDF material, durable, solid and with high weight capacity
  • 3 tiers design, and the top cubby and lower 2 drawers provide enough space

Ornate Brown nightstand and coffee table

wooden table

Unique wooden design

  • Four 18 inch high folding panels and one 18 inch round table
  • 100% Solid Mango wood by skilled artisans

Moroccan-style Gothic table


Morrocan-style gothic nightstand

  • Side table with exotic flair
  • Moroccan style tables intricate details will certainly add a dash of spice to your room

Specialization of Gothic furniture

The specialization of the Gothic furniture is their ornamental gorgeousness. This furniture can be considered as an exclusive piece of art. The use of wood adds a classy and vintage look to the furniture. Some of the Gothic furniture portrays simple geometrical patterns but with a unique look. Most of the Gothic furniture are heavily engraved with various designs, from folklores to floral and motifs. 

Defining a Gothic nightstand

A nightstand is commonly called the bedside table. These nightstands or bedside tables are available in different sizes and shapes. These are mostly available with chest, drawers and are also available as small tables without any storage. Those who love to adorn their rooms with a classic touch of the Gothic style; they can pair their Gothic beds with Gothic nightstands. Gothic nightstands can also be used as a piece of antique art to enhance the beauty of the bedroom.

Gothic nightstands are available in a set of two as they are kept on both sides of a bed. However, they are also available in a single piece to keep beside the couch or sofa sets. The nightstands which are kept beside the couch or sofa sets generally look like small tables with a glass or marble top. These nightstands are mostly available without storage, but there might be a single shelf at the lower part, adjoining the legs of the nightstand.

Materials used

The Gothic design depicts the beauty and excellent craftsmanship of medieval architecture. Hence Gothic furniture is not only classic but also has its charm. Gothic nightstands, like any other Gothic furniture, are made of wood, and they are curved heavily. Some are available in plain and simple designs as well with storage like a couple of drawers or Mahogany, pine, and oak are some of the exotic woods which are used to make the Gothic nightstands. Wood not only makes it easy to give unique shapes to the nightstands but also makes it long-lasting.

Shapes and designs

Nightstand comes in different shapes and motifs too. The nightstands can be kept on the sides of the sofa or couches as small tables too. The trendy nightstands are molded into different designs like fish, skulls, bats, etc. thus giving shape to the Gothic fantasies! The Gothic nightstands which are without storage have a glass or marble top, which makes a unique contrast with the carvings on the wood.

Apart from the carvings and shapes, the legs of the nightstands are the other outstanding features. The curves of the legs of the Gothic nightstands are fabulous and are in the shapes of the legs of animals, ‘hairpin’ legs, and ‘bracket’ legs. Some have feet like claws or look like the paws of a tiger.

The handles or knobs of different designs acts like ornaments on the Gothic nightstands. The knobs are made of metals like brass. They are also made of wood, which is also with detailed design. Normal nightstands are merely kept to serve its purpose, but a Gothic nightstand will help make a bold statement in the room and will add a vintage or a retro effect. 

Colors used

Dark colors in Gothic culture depict darkness or religiousness. The most commonly used color in the gothic nightstand is black and dark brown. However, they are available in other colors or can be customized. Contrast colors are also used like dark red or dark orange, which makes the Gothic nightstand a fantastic piece of art.

Those who prefer a Gothic room look for a mysterious touch. Gothic furniture adds a mysterious look to the room. The dark colors like black or dark brown contrasted with other dark shades like dark red or dark purple. The Gothic nightstand beside the Gothic bed or Gothic couch will definitely add to the mystic look of the room. The outstanding part of Gothic beauty is that in spite of dark in color, they never look dull! Rather Gothic furniture, because of its dark color, helps one to relax and feel charmed. 

If you want to adorn your room with a Gothic piece of art, then you might select a gothic nightstand that will display the outstanding dark beauty of the Gothic art.

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