Gothic Style Bed [2020 Reviews]

Medieval architecture is everlasting and always enchants a particular group of people. This style of architecture has its unique characteristics. The peculiar feature of the architecture was so famous that it was carried over to different items of that era as well. For example, indoor decoration, furniture, cutlery, and many more items. As we know that fashion repeats itself, people nowadays have developed a taste in this type of architectures and designs once again. In this article, we will discuss one of the main pieces of furniture that reside within every person’s home, which is the bed, and here in this article, we will mainly highlight on Gothic style bed.

Gothic Style Platform Bed

gothic bed

Top-selling Gothic Platform Bed

  • Easy to assemble and no box spring required
  • Outer Dimensions-89 L x 69 W x 48 H inches
  • Black Silvery Linen

Gothic Tufted Bed

gothic bed frame

Top-selling Gothic Tufted Bed

  • Easy to assemble and no box spring required
  • 81"W x 85.25"D x 50.75"H
  • Button tufted headboard

Gothic Captains Bed

gothic furniture captains bed

Top-selling Gothic Captains Bed

  • Contains four built-in drawers
  • Includes metal side rails, center metal rail and additional metal legs for maximum stability
  • 86”L x 64.5”W x 38“H.
  • Button-tufted diamond detailing


Being of a medieval design language, a Gothic-style bed will have some peculiar characteristics. One of the main characteristics of a gothic style bed is its size. Gothic beds are usually massive in size; the ideal size for a gothic style bed would be Olympic queen and up. The number of people who would be using the bed doesn’t matter in this case. It’s maintaining the design language that matters. A smaller bed would not fit into the bedroom if the other furniture and decors maintain the gothic design language.

The other important aspect of a gothic style bed is that it usually is a bit bulky in nature. The gothic designs symbolize power and authority; thereby, a medieval-style bed should follow that design language by being bold and prominent.

The second most essential characteristics of a gothic style bed are its material and carvings. Usually, gothic furniture is made of wood. The type of wood used can range from Oak, Pine, Rosewood, Mahogany, and other types of exotic woods. These woods ensure longevity and ease of carving. Furthermore, these woods give the bed a royal feel to it. These woods are durable and thereby make transport of furniture safer, along with that makes using them more reliable as well.

One of the most significant aspects of gothic designs is the intricate designs that are carved. These designs are usually very minute and condensed in nature. The wood used to make these beds need to have a high degree of malleability and a fair bit of softness which facilitate the designs. The woods mentioned above are perfectly suitable for this type of work.

Gothic style furniture usually is painted in a dark pallet. The colors black, dark brown, dark red, and most of the colors on the darker pallet are suitable for portraying a gothic style. For gothic style beds, the color black is most suitable for it. The bed can be colored matte black. Matte shades are highly appealing and provide a different look to whatever it is applied to.

The other main characteristics of a gothic color pallet for a gothic style bed are that it needs to have a contrasting color pallet. For example, a black bed frame can be paired up with a dark red bed sheet and dark red pillow covers. This will provide the bed with a sophisticated look and feel.

The ideal gothic beds should also have a curtain hanging from the frame. The gothic style beds used to have curtains to provide both privacy and safety from insects and dust. This is because bedrooms made following gothic style architecture have huge glass windows. This trend of beds with curtains is essential for that gothic look. The ideal material for the curtains and bed covers is satin or silk. It is because of the glossy characteristics of those materials while the bed sheet and the pillow covers should be made of cotton to increase the comfort factor of the bed.


The gothic style designs are very intricate and are reminiscent of medieval folklore and myths. The gothic designs can be categorized into two main divisions; one that would resemble holiness, and the other that would resemble darkness. In current times there is an affinity towards gothic designs that resemble darkness.

Usually, gothic designs are inspired by nature, like most of the designs from the Victorian era. The carvings of Gothic nature consist of intricate spirals and lines representing trees and vines. Along with that, there was also a mix of faces and figures. Usually, the carvings would be accompanied by figures of dragons and gargoyles. Faces of nuns and figures representing families would also be used. These give the gothic designs a mysterious look and feel. These designs should also adorn the bed frame to give it a highly appealing aesthetic look.

This article has pointed out every aspect of a gothic style bed. It is highly anticipated that the article will help you to buy or place a customized order of a gothic style bed that will adorn the gothic theme that is required by you.

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