Gothic throne chair [Recommendations and Reviews]

It is said that Gothic designs tend to follow European models in terms of furniture. The period between the 12th and 15th century is considered to be the Gothic period. Gothic furniture showcase art blended with dark beauty which creates a bold statement in the room Each Gothic furniture, be it small or large, is a piece of unique Gothic art. One such piece is the Gothic throne chair.

Chairs exert a quality of being majestic and portraying a sense of power and righteousness. The reason for this is during the early European era; the chairs were mostly used by the upper-class European people and royal families and the rich people. The presence of a chair is a mandatory addition for a proper household furnishing. It is necessary for a household, to accommodate themselves and their guests as well. In Gothic interior design, a chair can be described as an ornament that is used to display the art and the magnificent artistry of the craftsman.

Gothic Armless Chair

gothic chair

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  • Plush high back velveteen
  • Classic Chesterfield Chair design
  • Can be used in any room as a chair, an ottoman, or creative shelving space,

Gothic Dining Chair

gothic dining chair

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  • Tapestry Style Upholstery Fabric w/ Piped Edges

Gothic throne chair

black gothic chair

Top-selling throne chair

  • Measures approximately 34"W 26.5"D 60"H
  • Made of resin on wooden frame, individually hand painted and polished


Gothic chairs are available in different shapes and styles of the backrest. Some of the chairs have exuberant armrests, and some of the chairs done have armrests at all. The legs of the chairs are either straight or curved, whichever suits the design. Some of the chairs are made to resemble mythical creatures and are shaped accordingly. The legs of the themed chairs resemble the legs of those creatures. The face of the creature is usually sculpted at the top of the headrest. The chairs are either plain or upholstered with armrest.

The cushions of the gothic chairs are usually made of high-quality fabrics. In those eras, the furniture was used to show off the wealth of a person. Following that same design language, the cushions and the frame of the chairs are studded with precious stones. Fake stones are usually used to reduce the cost, but even then, they make the chair look gorgeous and pricey.

The design of Gothic furniture mainly reflects medieval art. From the architecture of churches to fairy tales, folklores and gargoyles, every type of characters and artwork are crafted delicately on the Gothic furniture.

The designs are also of geometrical shapes. The backrest of the chairs has pointed arches or dome-shaped like that of the church. The intrigue carves, and cuts and unique details add to the flawless look of the Gothic chairs.

Most of the medieval style of designs also highly resembles nature a lot. The carvings resemble vines, trees, leaves and branches. These types of sculptures highly increase the aesthetic value of an item. It makes the furniture look pleasing, delicate and pricey. Most of the time, gothic style designs also adorn the piece with minutely carved faces of humans and other creatures.

Materials used

The most common material used to build the chairs is wood. Oak, pine and chestnut, walnut are some of the woods which are used to make the Gothic furniture. These woods are strong and long-lasting. The main attraction of Gothic chairs is the sculptured designs. Wood is the best material to bring out the Gothic art as it is easy to cut and engrave. Gothic designs are reminiscent of intricate and minute carvings and sculptures of humanoid figures or mythical creatures. To curve these intricate designs, it takes a high degree of craftsmanship. The woods mentioned above have characteristics of high malleability. This helps the craftsman to properly carve those intricate designs without breaking or cracking the wood.

The other advantage of using wood is that it is sturdy, long-lasting, rust-free and woods like oak, walnut, pine etc. are termite free as well. Though the wooden furniture is expensive, the maintenance cost is almost nil. Just wiping the furniture with a damp piece of cloth will keep the furniture clean. The other best part is that the beauty of the wooden furniture enhances with time. It is the upholsteries that need to be changed only.

Upholstered chairs are also available. Fabrics like silk and cotton are used as upholstery materials. Like all other gothic furniture, the most common color of Gothic chairs is black and dark brown. The dark colors are preferred as dark colors depict darkness which is the main characteristic of Gothic art or Gothic theme. A person who tends to follow Gothic art loves the dark shades. Other colors are used as a contrast to add to the look. The colors of the upholsteries used are in contrast colors like orange, dark red and other such bright hues which enhance the look of the chair and adorn the room like a piece of ornament.

This article aims at providing intricate knowledge about how a gothic chair looks like. This article also aims at becoming a guideline towards buying a gothic chair to furnish the gothic decoration.

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